Sabato, Giugno 19, 2021
Ogni buon lavoro software nasce da un problema personale di uno sviluppatore E.S.Raymond

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I just got my Ender3 and I went straight away to fix some issues around the house.
My oven's knobs started to loose and eventually two of them gave up and broke.

So I thought to take two birds with a stone: I opened Fusion360 and started learning while doing something useful.

This model is a replacement for standard 37mm knobs.
They tend to wear out, expecially on the inside where the metal rod touches the plastic.

In order to replace one knob, extract the old one from the oven / stove panel and save the little metal piece inside. You will need it to fit in your print later.

The model fits on the standard 6mm rods. It's very tight on purpose, you will need to file a little bit the inside.

Quality: 0.2mm
Infill: 50%
Plastic: PLA
Nozzle: temperature: 200 °C
Bed temperature: 50 °C
3D file format: STL
3D model size: X 37 × Y 38.9 × Z 20 mm

You can find it on Cults3D!
Also on Thingiverse and My Mini Factory!