Sabato, Giugno 19, 2021
Ogni buon lavoro software nasce da un problema personale di uno sviluppatore E.S.Raymond
Programmazione Web & Showcase Malva's Number Station

"A numbers station is a type of shortwave radio station characterized by unusual broadcasts, reading out lists of numbers or incomprehensible coded messages. The voices are often created by speech synthesis and are transmitted in a wide variety of languages. The voices are usually female, although sometimes men's or children's voices are used. Some voices are synthesized and created by machines; however, some stations used to have live readers."

Read the full Wikipedia article.

This is my "Number Station", it broadcasts... well... that is up to you to understand.

Every day this link will play a different message. Who will be the first to decipher it? Find the hidden message and leave a comment, but please, don't spoil the game to everyone else.

Click the image below to start the broadcast. Happy deciphering and have fun! :)